Pastor Dave Holmlund serves the Presbytery of Philadelphia as a minister-at-large for the sake of developing new congregations in the region.  In the OPC, about half of the presbyteries have such a minister dedicated to church planting, and they are called “Regional Home Missionaries.”  RHMs do not do all the work of church planting, but they can help a great deal through exploring unchurched areas, conducting outreach and evangelism in targeted areas, helping bring new ministries under the oversight of elders in the region, leading those ministries until a permanent church planter is called, and providing encouragement and mentoring to the church planters who serve while remaining a help to these young congregations.

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Dave grew up as a pastor’s son in an evangelical Christian denomination, and from his teen years he was earnest in his faith and active in ministry.  After college, an interest in Reformed theology led him to attend Westminster Seminary California in Escondido, CA.  There he was blessed to meet a fellow student named Elizabeth who was pursuing a degree in biblical studies.  After they both graduated and were married in 2002, Dave & Elizabeth moved to Grand Rapids, MI, and there they both did more theological study at Calvin Theological Seminary with Elizabeth finishing a Th.M. in Old Testament in 2010 and Dave finally completing a Ph.D. in Historical Theology in 2016.  Dave’s first pastoral call was to serve as the church planter of Pilgrim Presbyterian Church (OPC) in Dover, NH.  In 2015 their family moved to the Philadelphia area when Dave began serving as RHM for the Presbytery of Philadelphia.  The Holmlunds have five children—Zach, Ezra, Evie, Ben and Cora—and are currently living in Fort Washington, PA.