The Philadelphia Presbytery

The Presbytery of Philadelphia is the governing body for the churches of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church located in the Greater Philadelphia / Eastern Pennsylvania region. It consists of all of the ministers within those boundaries, as well as elder representatives from each of the congregations. The area encompasses eastern Pennsylvania (from the Northern and Southern edges) as far west as Susquehanna, Schuylkill, and Chester counties, all of Lancaster county east of and including the borough of Rapho, and includes the state of Delaware.

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Operating Documents


The operations of the Presbytery, as well as the day to day functions of each of our churches, are governed by the structure and rules listed in the following documents. They are often referred to as our "tertiary" standards, in that they are subject to the overarching rule of the Word of God, and are also subject to the provisions of our doctrinal statements. Within those guidelines, these documents have served us well for many years in providing a godly and stable structure in which we can serve as the body of Christ.

Orthodox Presbyterian Church

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Presbytery of Philadelphia    

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Officers & Committee Assignments


Candidates and Credentials Committee


The links below connect you with resources provided by the Candidates and Credentials Committee of the Presbytery of Philadelphia. The first document explains the process by which a man may progress through the process of coming under care, and getting examined for licensure. We trust this will prove helpful for pastors who are mentoring young men and prospective candidates as well. The Application for Care and Annual Report links will bring you to forms which when completed will be submitted to the chairman of the Candidates and Credentials Committee.

Steps for Care and Licensure
Application for Care Online form >>
Annual Report Form for Candidates and Licentiates >>


Requirements for Meetings



Any minister (except one who has been granted a permanent excuse) that does not attend and any session that does not send a commissioner shall be required to inform the Stated Clerk as to the reason and request an excused absence. At the meeting, the Moderator shall appoint a temporary committee of two to report to that meeting with a recommendation which requests to grant and which to deny. The minutes shall indicate those absentees whose requests for excuse have been granted as 'excused.' Those absentees whose requests for excuse are denied and those who failed to request excuse shall be indicated as 'unexcused.'


Ministerial Reports usually take a large part of the time in the morning. Those who are scheduled to report please take note of the time limit specified by our Bylaws, 5 minutes or less. Please heed the suggestion to submit a written report to the stated clerk before the meeting, so that the clerk may have copies printed and available at the meeting. Clerks of Session whose minutes are due to be reviewed are encouraged to send their minutes via email to the Committee on Church Visitation and Session Records.


All reports or communications must be submitted to and received by the stated clerk (via US mail or email) no later than noon of the Wednesday immediately preceeding the meeting. This allows time for the docket to be completed, and for it and all reports to be printed and collated in time for the meeting. Any reports received after this time will not be included in the packet presented at the meeting.