We are a Bible believing denomination which believes that the well-being of the church requires Presbyterian church government as well as faithful biblical teaching and practice at the congregational level.  The word “Presbytery” comes from the Greek word presbyteros, which means “elder.”  In the Presbyterian tradition, the congregation is always led by a group of godly men ordained as elders, and the churches of the region are united in their church government through the formation of presbyteries which include all of the ministers of the region and elder representatives from every established congregation.  Ordinarily, a Presbyterian church also has bodies of elders even above her presbyteries, whether using synods or General Assemblies or both.  In the OPC, the seventeen regional presbyteries are all under the General Assembly.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church holds to the system of doctrine known as the Reformed faith, and we believe that the most accurate statement of these doctrines can be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms. A concise statement concerning our system of doctrine can be found on our denominational website.

If you have questions concerning any of these doctrines, or would like to speak personally to someone about what we believe, please contact Dave Holmlund, our Regional Home Missionary.  He would be delighted to encourage you in your Christian faith and answer any questions you have about the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.


This regional church conducts ministries as a coordinated effort on behalf of all of the member congregations. These ministries are carried out under the oversight of committees erected by the presbytery including Home Missions, Foreign Missions, Diaconal and Youth ministries. These committees are composed of ministers and elders elected to those positions by their fellow presbyters in order to serve the regional church and occasionally the individual congregations as there is need. All of these committees are supported by the churches within the Presbytery through prayer, participation, and financial contributions.

Home Missions

The CHM has oversight over our church plants and the effort to seek out promising new locations for future ministry through cooperation with the Regional Home Missionary.

Ministers: Jonathan Peters, Mark Sallade, Cris Simpson, and Tim Young
Elders: Sean Gregg, Bill Tobin, and Drew Van Dyk

Foreign Missions

The newest committee of the Presbytery, these men work to promote and facilitate a greater concern for and participation in the work of the OPC's foreign missions.

Committee Members: Bob Harting, Bill Snodgrass, and Matt Stephans

Diaconal Ministries

The Committee on Diaconal Ministries is designed to aid the local diaconates (board of deacons) of the OPC churches and mission works within the region of the Presbytery, and also serves as the liaison with the Committee on Diaconal Ministries of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in matters of mutual concern.

Committee Members: David Burkett and Rich MacLaren

Young People's Work

This committee's function is to promote covenant and non-covenant young people’s work especially through scheduling and planning youth rallies in the local churches, as well as to provide encouragement and support to local youth groups, the French Creek Bible Conferences, and other activities that provide ministry by and for the young people of the regional church.

Committee Members: David Landow and Lloyd Sterrett

Candidates & Credentials

The C&C is tasked with examination of all candidates for the ministry within the Presbytery, and is also responsible for the oversight and evaluation of the Presbytery's licentiates, and accordingly advises the Presbytery of the same, in accordance with the provisions of the Form of Government of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Ministers: George Cottenden, Michael Matossian, Lane Tipton, Carl Trueman and Larry Westerveld
Elders: Cris Dickason and Tim Krizan

Ministerial Oversight

This committee provides a means through which presbytery can exercise oversight of its members, and also serves to provide an office through which members of presbytery may seek counsel regarding their labors.

Ministers: Charley DeBoer, Lloyd Sterrett
Elders: Charles Scott, Pete Veenema

Church Visitation & Session Records

The responsibilities of this committee include visiting with each congregation and Session within the regional church every three years, so as to determine and report to the Presbytery regarding their spiritual health, and to provide advice or counsel to Sessions which specifically request it. The committee also reviews all Session records to confirm their adherence to proper form and the appropriateness of their content.

Members: Rich MacLaren and David Burkett

Fraternal Relations

These men have the task of arranging for the exchange of corresponding members of neighboring presbyteries and classes of denominations with which the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church exchanges fraternal delegates.

Members: Rich MacLaren and Thomas Crumplar

Judicial Matters, Appeals & Complaints

Receives appeals and complaints addressed to the Presbytery, and reviews them to determine if they are in order and are properly before the Presbytery; gathers, summarizes and indexes any pertinent documents in each case; and recommends to the Presbytery how the procedings should be ordered. The committee also conducts a preliminary investigation if charges have been brought to the Presbytery.

Members: Tim Krizan (chairman), Sandy Finlayson, and A. LeRoy Greer