The Spring Offering is a new annual campaign to raise awareness and resources for mission in our presbytery - especially church planting. 


We are encouraging each of our 12 congregations to hold a special offering in mid-April with the goal of together raising $20,000 to give a boost to our expanding work in home missions in eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. 


How your gifts will be used...

In a smaller presbytery such as ours, it is a stretch to maintain a church planting ministry with a full time Regional Home Ministry (RHM). Through faith in God's provision and with help from the denomination's Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension (CHMCE) we are seeking to stay this course to expand our Gospel witness and establish new congregations.

The Spring Offering is essential as we look ahead to the growing financial needs when our new church plants require pastors to lead them.

May the Lord lead and provide not only to continue supporting Downingtown, but as we look ahead to NE Pennsylvania and doing a future work in the city of Philadelphia.

Downingtown OPC’s First Service - April 30, 2017

Downingtown OPC’s First Service - April 30, 2017

A Short History


Christ Church Downingtown (formerly Downingtown OPC) is a new church plant in Chester County (45 minutes west of Center City Philadelphia) which is currently in its first year of financial support under organizing pastor Greg O'Brien.  After a couple local families noted the lack of a good Reformed and Presbyterian church in Downingtown, presbytery Regional Home Missionary Dave Holmlund began a Bible study in January of 2017, and, by the end of April, it changed to a Sunday morning worship service in a local community center.  Downingtown/Exton and the wider area of Chester County continue to experience rapid population growth with lots of cultural diversity and spiritual needs. 

Since October of 2018 Pastor O'Brien's leadership of the congregation has helped to develop the congregation and open doors for local outreach.  Pray that God's hand would continue to prosper this work through the growth of God's people and effective witness in the area under the oversight of the session at Emmanuel OPC in Wilmington, DE.

Partner With Us

The O’Briens

For the first year of support for church planter Greg O'Brien, our presbytery is supplementing Downingtown OPC with $2,000 per month.

Before moving to the Downingtown area, Greg & Ginger were missionaries in China, and then Greg served as an Assistant Pastor in a PCA congregation in Tuscumbia, Alabama.  Greg now brings those pastoral and evangelistic passions into the context of OPC church planting in suburban Philadelphia.


The Holmlunds

While Regional Home Missionaries help gather groups to become new church plants, they also don't receive any salary directly from those groups.  RHMs like Dave Holmlund are entirely supported through funds from the presbytery and the denomination's Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension.

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